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What Patients Are Saying

"10 months ago I became a mom and something I will never forget is the intensity of the postpartum period. I had heard from some moms in the area that postpartum physical therapy supported mamas post-labor and that it was commonplace to have a physical therapist after childbirth in many countries in Europe. I first saw Amanda with a great deal of pain in my back and pelvic floor, two completely foreign pains that affected my day-to-day, especially in caring for a newborn. Amanda is not only incredibly present and talented, she is compassionate and identified areas I needed healing (my nervous system) which I didn't even recognize myself. She is intuitive and well-versed, helping you to understand everything your body is experiencing. One of my favorite things about Amanda is that she only gave me enough exercises I could easily manage away from the office. She was sensitive to my time and ability. I would recommend Amanda to anyone I know, she is truly incredible."


"Amanda has helped me tremendously with my back, hip, and spine problems.  After years of "graduating" from physical therapy only to end up right back in it again, Amanda got to the root of the problem with pelvic floor therapy.  My other physical therapist remarked that Amanda's help with my pelvic floor seemed to be the biggest factor in moving me forward with my back and hip issues.  Amanda also used AAT therapy to calm my nervous system down.  The result of Amanda's work has been life-changing for me!  I feel so much better both physically and mentally.  Amanda also treated my daughter for knee problems, and is great with patients of all ages.  She is well-versed in multiple treatments options, allowing her to tailor each patient's care to their individual needs.  Amanda genuinely cares about her patients well-being.  Her calm and open personality will put anyone at ease.  I highly recommend Amanda to anyone wanting to feel better"


"I’ve been seeing Amanda for PT work for the last few years - during my first pregnancy as well as after my first birth, and in preparation for my second. To sum up the results of receiving treatment from her, her work is phenomenal! Through our work together, I’ve become much more attuned to my pelvic floor and we’ve healed unexpected ailments that have arisen - pelvic pain, tightness, needing to pee often, etc. She’s helped me with releasing scar tissue, with working through various adhesions, with waking up “sleeping" muscles here and there and everywhere to help me feel more stable and connected. I can’t say enough about the value of taking care of my body in this way, under Amanda’s brilliant hands. And, as a fellow specialist working with new and expecting women through movement, there truly isn’t a body that I wouldn’t recommend to go receive the many benefits that come from seeing Amanda!


"Amanda has been such a gift to my family and me.  I have been dealing with several postpartum pelvic floor and core issues, and she's the first specialist I've seen who was able to diagnose my imbalances, and how they were all connected.  She's given me tools on so many levels, with exercises, lifestyle habits, stretches, and relaxation techniques.  Amanda is caring, compassionate and thorough.  I've gladly made the drive down from Fort Collins over the past year to see her."


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