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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Specialists

Helping You Overcome Chronic Pain, Sports Injuries, and Pregnancy Related Pain 

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A pregnant woman sitting cross legged with her hands on her belly
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Did You Know?

1 in 3 Women and 1 in 8 Men are Experiencing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction!


Thankfully, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Can Change Everything

Are You Dealing With...



Pain with Sex

Tailbone Pain

Chronic Constipation

Constant Urge to Pee

Urgency or Hesitancy

Low Back or Hip Pain

Neck, Shoulder, or Mid-back Issues

Knee, Ankle, or Foot Problems


...Or other debilitating issues?

We can help!

Schedule a visit or free consultation to learn more!

As a private pay clinic, we provide the highest quality of service possible.

Our sessions are longer and fully conducted by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

That means fewer visits and better results!

Can we all agree that guilt, shame, and confusion about what's happening "down there" is not helping anyone? 

Maybe you've talked to your Gynecologist or Primary Care Physician and they've heard your symptoms, nodded knowingly and said, 

"There's nothing you can really do"

"It's just part of the process"

"It's normal for your age"

Have you been told to "Just wear a pad and avoid high impact activities?"

You don't have to accept this as your "new normal." Life is to be lived to the fullest... Pelvic Problems have solutions!

Speaking of solutions, they're not limited to one gender...

Pelvic problems plague men, too.

It's important to discover and treat the cause as soon as possible.

The What

The Why

Trigger Point Dry Needling

To Address a Tight Pelvic Floor

Associative Awareness

Balance out your central nervous system


Stimulation may aid in pain reduction and muscle relaxation

Myofacial Release

Release tension in your connective tissues

Joint Mobilizations

Decrease pain, improve range of motion and function

Exercise Prescriptions

Lasting progress depends on what you'll keep doing outside of your sessions

For assessments, rehabilitation, and ongoing care, we offer

Office Appointments

Telehealth Appointments

Home Visits (subject to availability)

Anewu Physical Therapy Team

Dr. Amanda Gotschall
Dr. Leshelle Lencioni
Dr. Eve Monrad
Dr. Ariana Harlan
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